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frequently asked questions (FAQs), a question in a list of questions and answers intended to help clients understand a particular subject with our services.

If you have any problems, consult the FAQs on our website.

Will I be sore after my massage?

Throughout your massage, please feel free to communicate with us if any adjustments in pressure are needed. It's not uncommon to experience some soreness for a day or two, especially if your muscles were particularly tense. You might notice tenderness to the touch, which can last for up to four days.

To help alleviate any discomfort, we recommend staying well-hydrated and taking a warm shower after your massage. If, however, you experience severe pain, persistent discomfort, numbness, or a pins-and-needles sensation, please don't hesitate to reach out to your remedial massage therapist immediately for further guidance and advice.


How Will I feel after massage therapy treatment?

Many individuals experience a profound sense of relaxation and an enhanced range of motion following their massage. It's important to stay well-hydrated after your session, as the release of toxins from your muscles can sometimes lead to mild headaches. To ensure your comfort, I will inquire whether you would like a glass of filtered water after your massage.


Do I have to wear my underwear during massage?

We kindly request that clients wear at least their underwear during their massage session.

In the event you choose to be fully undressed, please be assured that the therapist will drape a sheet over you, covering the parts of your body that are not currently being massaged.

If your concern involves areas such as the lower back, hips, buttocks, or groin, your therapist may adjust your underwear using towels to access these areas. However, this will only occur with your explicit permission and informed consent.


What to do if something inappropriate or uncomfortable happens?

Primarily, it's essential to understand that a massage session can be concluded by either the therapist or the client at any point. This can occur due to reasons such as clear instances of sexual misconduct or if either party feels uneasy. In the event the client wishes to end the session, they are encouraged to get dressed and promptly depart the premises.

For cancellations made within the initial 15 minutes of your session, a full refund will be provided.

In cases involving sexual misconduct, immediate action will be taken, and emergency services will be contacted.


What is the difference between Thai massage and Remedial massage?

Thai massage and Remedial massage differ in techniques and goals. Thai massage focuses on energy balance and flexibility through acupressure and stretching. Remedial massage targets specific musculoskeletal issues using techniques like deep tissue massage. Thai massage promotes overall wellness, while Remedial massage aims at pain relief and rehabilitation. The choice depends on individual preferences and health goals.

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